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Patting Parody

I certainly don’t know who in my circle of friends gets gags like this but I figured I throw this one out there: This parody of the children’s classic Pat the Bunny is perfect for the babies in your life who are interested in physics. It’s called Pat Schrodinger’s Kitty and if you’re into physics […]

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Complexity on Complexity

In the past several weeks the term “complexity” has come up in more than one setting. At work, we’re asking questions across the organization about what things can we make less complex on the assumption that complexity is “bad”. We’re also looking at some new system development that in and of itself is highly complex. […]

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Moon As It Was

I ran across an interesting article today on a image recovery project for some of the earliest up-close pictures of the moon. They were originally taken from the Lunar Orbiter crafts which were launched back in the 60’s to map potential landing sites for the Apollo missions. To make a long story short, the original […]

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