I’ve been eyeing the 2009 Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc Winemaker’s Reserve from Rancho Zabaco in my local grocery stores for a few weeks now primarly due to it’s “under $10” price tag. That classification is getting in short supply in from my local wine shops, which may force me to starting looking at another varietal in the “under $10” category.

Initially the screw cap on a California wine put me off, but since the Kiwi’s do it, what the heck. Besides, the bull on the logo looked to be having fun! The first sniffs on the nose wafted up that strong New Zealand style citrus that I’ve come to love. The taste was brashly acidic (read strong here). After about 10 seconds or so it mellowed out somewhat and the citrus came through fine.

Per usual I had the wine with dinner every night, no matter what I was eating. It went well with the chicken sausage and pasta as well as the neapolitan style skillet pizza. The taco’s would have gone better with a different wine, but it held it’s own. About the only thing I’ve eaten with a sauvignon blanc that I didn’t enjoy was pop corn.

In the “under $10” price range, I give this a high 8/10 (may have to start switching to points here since some 8’s are better than others). I can see drinking this on a hot summer day – which in the cold of a New England winter seems pretty distant.

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