This is probably my last “under $10” Sauvignon Blanc. I may find some others, but aside from some E & G and other under $6 brands there’s nothing more in my neck of the woods. In a way ending with the 2009 Sebeka Sauvignon Blanc was a good choice. It’s my one and only South African in this range and it sort of rounds out the non-European run I’ve been on. Sorry but there are not any French, Italian or Spanish SBs out there under $10.

The Sebeka was quite pale in color. Smelled of citrus and melons, perhaps some pear but not strongly. The fruit came through on the taste but didn’t linger. Only slightly acidic, as compared to some the New Zealand SBs I’ve had; more like a California SB.

Per usual I had this over the course of the week with bread, cheese, spicy chicken dishes and a Thai dish and pizza. It held up reasonably with against all that, but to be quite honest, I didn’t notice it much.

On my personal scale, a mid 7/10 (ok 76, I’m giving into points). If it’s the only SB in the cooler besides Turning Leaf and you need a quick grab and go, you could do a lot worse, but there are better ones out there.

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