It’s really been fun exploring the “under $10 2009 Sauvignon Blanc” category over the last 6 weeks. I have only 1 catch-up note: there’s a brand that I tried at the beginning that didn’t make it the list and for completeness I want to make note of it.

My first Sauvignon Blanc in the “under $10” category was Cono Sur’s 2009 Bicycle Sauvignon Blanc. The crispy zestiness, strong grapefruit, and acidity set the tone for my exploration of this category. I really though that I’d have a hard time finding another that I enjoyed as much, but much to my surprise I found more in the “new world” SB category that were equally good. Still, the “bicycle” was in the  8/10 range. On a whim I picked up another bottle of “Bicycle” the other night. Although it was good, I think I enjoyed at least one other more.

As I’ve mentioned before the “under $10” Sauvignon Blanc category seems to have run its course. Not only are they hard to find, I’m getting a litte worn of having a glass of it daily for the moment. If I find another in that range I’ll try it but for now I’m moving on.

So, in looking back at this category, these are the ones I’d drink again, in order of preference:

Turning Leaf is way to weak for my taste buds, and Lapostolle Casa on the bitter side. All in all it’s been a nice 6 week run with the “under $10” Sauvignon Blancs of 2009. I look forward to having these again over the summer.

Now, on to “under $10” Chardonnay.


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