So far the Chardonnay experience isn’t going so well. Beset first with a flawed bottle, I now find myself in the company of at least two “under $10” Sauvignon Blancs. Darn the luck. This week I spent time with one of the two bottles  –  Emiliana’s 2009 Eco Balance Sauvignon Blanc.

Always wanting to add to my “under $10” Sauvignon Blanc list, I was really anxious to sample this over the week. In the bottle, it’s extremely pale having only a slight hint of yellow color – certainly very light straw at best. From the nose, there are nice grapefruit, lemon and other citrus smells. The palate is full of fruit, nice zingy acidity, and wet stone mineral-ity, that’s in no way bitter. There’s a short, crisp, clean finish that’s typical of Sauvignon Blancs.

Over the week I had it with an adapted Italian seasoned chicken sausage & pasta dish, pan-fried haddock with a basil-arugula aioli sauce, as well as some lightly grilled chicken salad wraps. It all went down really, really well.

Over all a good to very-good “under $10” Chilean Sauvignon Blanc wine that I’d have again. I give it 85 points – a bit more complexity would be nice, but still nice and quite enjoyable.

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