Usually when I spend time with my “under $10” Sauvignon Blanc pick, I have one glass per night from to Monday to Thursday. Although I form my impressions on Monday, I give the wine the reminder of the week to add or subtract from it. By the end of the week my opinion is usually a bit more rounded on what I liked and didn’t. This week with Veramonte’s 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Reserva was a little different.

On Monday the pale green-to-straw colored wine smelled nicely of zingy citrus and lime. The moderately acidic taste held the fruit nicely with pear undertones. All that went well with the light mineral notes. The balance was good as was the crisp, short finish. Good wine at a great price. As the week went on, the wine lost some of its character with each day’s glass so that by Thursday – my last day with my “under $10” Sauvignon Blanc – it wasn’t as grand as my first day.

My opinions from my first day with the wine still stand, however. The wine on day one was quite good. What I learned is that some wines don’t stand up to a week in the refrigerator as well as others wines do. That they don’t doesn’t diminish them as wines. It only means that they are best consumed just after opening as was the case with the Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc Reserva.

As I do each week I try to have my weekly pick with whatever I’m eating. I did find that unlike some New Zealand style SB, this Chilean didn’t stand up well to spicy food. The acidity level is quickly over -powered. I did like it with Queso Fresco, but I think some goat cheese, light fish or chicken would be more its style. It is fine all on its own.

My enjoyability meter hit 86 points with this wine. It has a high “quality-to-value” ratio and I would purchase it again.


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