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Best Under $10 Sauvignon Blanc :: Redux

I put together my first Best “Under $10” Sauvignon Blancs back in February when I thought I was at the end of the line. Since then I’ve managed to find a few more so it is probably worth redoing the list. In looking back I see that I neglected to review one that I really enjoyed – TerraNoble’s 2010 […]

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Pinot & Popcorn :: Sterling 2008 and Castle Rock 2009

After being on hiatus for the last several weeks, Pinot & Popcorn returned this past weekend and to our surprise we hit some really nice Pinot Noir: Sterling Vineyards’ 2008 Central Coast and Castle Rock’s  2009 California Cuvée. Perhaps we’re on a “hot” streak now that the “pretenders” are out of the way. Of the […]

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Are We Not Better Than This?

I don’t write very often about current news events, including politics, mainly because I find that statement about them, like religion, tend to divide more than they tend to unite. I can find other things that are more worthy of nice debate than what’s going on at the center of governments, news, or church. That said, I’m saddened to […]

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