Trying new things is one of the pleasures I enjoy when dining out. Where a meal becomes really interesting is when a classic dish is prepared with local/regional ingredients or specialties turning the familiar into something new and exciting – not to mention tasty!

Take Lasagna – classic Italian dish with wide noodles, cheeses, tomato sauce and perhaps ground beef or pork all baked together. Enjoy it at restaurants, fresh made at home or in conveniently packaged frozen containers. But what if you made it “Vermont” style? What would a Vermont Lasagna have in it that would make it say “Vermont” – no not maple syrup!

One take on Lasagna “Vermont Style” can be found at Ye Olde Bradford Tavern at the Fullerton Inn in Chester, VT. Their “Stone Ground Polenta Lasagna”, offers an interesting twist on the traditional classic. In between the pasta layers, the polenta’s texture compliments a wonderfully smooth blend of Vermont crafted cheeses including a Horseradish cheese that brings an unexpected “kick” to the experience. It wouldn’t be Lasagna without a tomato sauce and the house marinara provides just enough sweetness and acidity to round out the dish.

Saying that I “enjoyed” it would be an understatement. It was a uniquely Vermont take on a classic Italian dish, despite the fact that Polenta Lasagna isn’t all that unique – there are a number of recipes for it out there. That aside, the combination of the setting, ingredients, and regional food made the dish and meal one for the books.

If you are out and about the Chester, VT way, stop in at the Fullerton Inn for a meal. It’s worth the trip!

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