Items in Box: Bok Choy, Green Lettuce, 3/4 lb. Salad Mix, Cilantro, Radishes

Feels like Christmas picking up and unpacking the first CSA delivery of the year. You’ll be spared the remainder of the unboxing photos. Actually this isn’t the first food-stuffs from Picadilly Farms, my “farmers” for the next 27 weeks. An email in May alerted CSA “share holders” to the availability of over-wintered spinach, spare Kennebec potatoes, fresh chives and sorrel.  Making the 40 mile round trip put needed spring miles on my motorcycle, but given gas prices was probably the most expensive set of vegetables ever hauled home. Still, this is why I opted to sign up for a CSA share.

Reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by  Michael Pollan early last year profoundly effected the view of our food chain. His politics and enthusiasm aside, there’s no denying the fact that our food chain and the “western diet” that it supports isn’t really as healthy as its proponents would like us to believe.

There’s no getting around how commercialized meat is produced and brought to market or how vegetables are grown and processed. It’s not a pretty picture when looking at it from a personal health angle. As a consequence grocery shopping trips started to include the weekly Farmer’s Market (from May to October) and our local natural food store, Blueberry Fields. Not content to just bash away at the food chain, alternative food suppliers were discussed, including the CSA movement.

Getting involved with a CSA seemed like a lot of work- how do I know who provides good food and who doesn’t? Do I go organic or just local? Are there ones close to me or will I have to drive a long way? Thankfully over the winter Stonewall Farm put on a CSA “fair”. On a cold January day there we nearly a dozen CSA farmers willing to explain their process and give you handouts.

After looking at them all I ended up selecting Picadilly Farms, primarily based on raw numbers – they offered the longest harvesting season at the lowest price. While it’s 20 miles or so from home, its closer than some of the other, plus they deliver to a pick-up location less than 2 minutes away. What closed the deal was the ability to sign up “on line”. While it wasn’t exactly ecommerce the web site explained the details and made the process nearly painless.

That was January. Now in June the first box is here and I can’t wait for this adventure to begin! OK, here’s a box shot.


If nothing else using a CSA this year will provide fodder for writing each week!

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