Items in Box: 2 lbs spinach, bok choy, arugula, butter head lettuce, mustard greens, salad turnips, dill, and  strawberries.

Learning by making mistakes is a well trodden path for me. Last week’s lessons revolved around grit and dirt. After munching on a few dirt clods in my salad, there was plenty of resolve in the system for finding a better way to wash greens. Three washes in the salad spinner didn’t get the job done. This week it’s swish washing twice in a large bowl followed by a spin wash and dry cycle. So far it’s working much better – less soil, more taste. Wonder what the water bill will look like?

Tuesday evening is mostly taken up with settling the CSA haul into the fridge and trying to think how all of it will be used. Last week was pretty easy as Garden Risotto was already on the menu. My wife suggested Frittata for a Saturday evening meal so by the following Monday, Week 1’s veggies were mostly gone – only the bok choy and some green leaf lettuce remained. There is no need to purchase salad greens at the market this week as there are plenty to go around.

This week’s strawberries were quartered and macerated right away. Two night later, there was nothing left of them. Must. Have. More. One pound of the spinach went toward a veggie pasta and chic pea recipe from A Pot On The Fire, by John and Matt Thorne – great food writer by the way. Only addition I made to the recipe was a bit of lemon juice to pump up the acidity.

The mustard greens and some of the bok choy will go in a shrimp stir fry this coming Monday . That will leave about one-half pound of spinach, the salad turnips and dill carrying over into week 3. I’m hoping for a dill dip recipe from a friend of mine to help clear the dill back-log.

Hope my family enjoys eating salad and greens!


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