Week 3 Items: 2 heads lettuce, spinach, beet greens, scallions, garlic scapes, salad turnips, radishes, parsley, peas and strawberries

Week 4 Items: 2 heads radicchio, Napa cabbage, daikon, red scallions, escarole, butter head lettuce plus PYO strawberries, sugar snap and snow peas.

Leaving for “The Cape” on Saturday June 25th meant that week 3 and 4 CSA pickings would travel with us. Not to mention that I had to pick week 4’s share up at the farm – which provided an opportunity to explore the PYO peas and glean for any remaining strawberries. Two hours later, week 4 was in the truck and headed home. Leftovers from week three were mostly the salad turnips, garlic scapes and radishes, along with about 3/4 lbs of spinach. That combined with the fresh stuff made the trip south to Cape Cod along with our other 4 house mates.

First thing Sunday the strawberries were macerating – after all home made Sangria needs berries! By Monday the spinach was gone – some went into a green salad and the rest on chicken salad sandwiches along with the daikon and a few scapes. Marinated slaw consumed the Napa Cabbage and a few scallions as well, although the slaw would pickle until Wednesday. Tuesday some of the greens, snow and sugar snap peas and bell peppers from the store made a wonderful stir-fry. Escarole, some ground Italian chicken sausage, pasta and seasonings went into a very yummy soup on Wednesday. Friday was clean out the fridge – roasted butter head lettuce and radicchio made a great salad to go with roasted chicken breast and a rice salad.

All that went home were the left over salad turnips, radishes and garlic scapes. Not bad for a week at The Cape with friends. We really “veg-ed out”!



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