Tomorrow at 2 PM there will be more sound in my world than there is now. My new hearing instruments are in and I’m taking them on a two-week trial. I wonder what I’ll hear that’ll seem strange, unfamiliar or finally sensible? It’s been a long time since I’ve worn aids – nearly 7 years!

The trial pair in the office sounded way better than anything I’ve worn before so my hopes are high. Hope that I’ll be able to actually stand to wear them, hope that I can understand my 16 year old daughter and her rapid-fire speech, hope that I’ll be able to hear those folks in the office and not have to say “can you repeat that”, and hope that I can hear things that have simply dropped off into the silence these past 7 years.

Will it be noisy? Depends on what “noisy” means, I guess. I just hope there are things that I can enjoy listening to and people I can finally hear clearly. I’ll learn to “tune out” the other stuff (hopefully).

I’m excited!!

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