Usually blogs say something pithy about their purpose/intent but I’ll not do that. Instead I’ll just say that:

  • I’m getting older, being born in 1963
  • I have a family, being married since 1986 and with 2 children that I’m very proud of
  • I live in New Hampshire, since 1992, after living in just about all corners of the U.S. while growing up and starting my career
  • I enjoy reading, being with my friends, working on/with computers, riding my motorcycle, and my scotches and karaoke on Friday nights
  • I enjoy learning new things
  • Writing is an outlet for my thoughts
  • I’m not a professional chef, but I do enjoy cooking for myself and others. I love eat and try new food and food combination. I write about what I learn, enjoy and discover along the way.

If all this somehow interests you, come back and catch up with me…

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