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MacApp or Mac App?

Based on the success of the App store for iPhone/iPad, Apple announced that it would create a “Mac App” store. That name “Mac App” has been rattling around in my head for the last several days and today it hit me: “MacApp” was the name of an Apple branded OOP development tool/process on the Mac […]

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Updated Mini

As interesting (and inevitable) as the rebranding of “iPhone OS” to “iOS” was not to mention the introduction of the iPhone 4, more interesting to me was the quiet refresh of the Mac Mini line. I’ve owned a “mini” ever since they came out. They are great products and fit nicely into life – mine is […]

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Nice to be Back From the Dead

As a long time Apple developer (sure, call me a fan-boy I don’t care) it has not always been easy or fashionable to be associated with them. After Apple’s near death experience in the 90’s it is now quite pleasant to see the success they are having with the iPod/iPhone/iPad lineup. Watching the entrenched camps squirm is […]

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