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MacApp or Mac App?

Based on the success of the App store for iPhone/iPad, Apple announced that it would create a “Mac App” store. That name “Mac App” has been rattling around in my head for the last several days and today it hit me: “MacApp” was the name of an Apple branded OOP development tool/process on the Mac […]

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iPhone OS 4

Some good stuff on the iPhone 4 OS development front. Multitasking was probably the biggest announcement – take that ‘droid.. JK. Rather than just do multitasking as a one size fits all model, there are number of background API flavors that attempt to address the different background needs of different types of apps – telephony, […]

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Launchd and the Keychain

I’ve been writing some software for the Mac to run under launchd. My program is a background utility that needs access to the user’s keychain to do part of its work. The program ran fine during the development process when started from the shell, but as soon as I hooked it up to launchd, it […]

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