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CSA Weeks 5-7 :: Diversification

Week 5 Items:  Carrots, bunched beets, baby leeks, lettuce, spinach, green curly kale, garlic scapes, escarole, parsley, and peas. Week 6 Items: Carrots, fennel, lettuce, green scallions, Swiss chard, radishes, salad mix, small head of radicchio, mizuna, green beans and basil Week 7 Items: Carrots, beets, lettuce, baby leeks, zucchini and summer squash, cucumbers, Swiss chard, radishes, […]

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Impromptu Thai Chicken

I decided not to do an exhaustive meal plan this week just to break up the routine. I ended up getting some basic – salmon steaks, boneless skinless chicken breasts, and steaks for the week and just “wing it” with whatever I happened to have. Tonight nobody was really interested in eating when I got […]

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Charcoal N00b

I really can’t recall the last time (or any time) that I actually grilled on charcoal, but I’ve been watching and reading enough about grilling on natural charcoal that I wanted to learn how. So this weekend, being Memorial Day, I purchased a 22.5″ Weber One-Touch Silver grill, a chimney starter, a bag of natural charcoal and […]

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