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Hash Browns: Solved

After incorporating the “wash and drain” step into the hash brown preparation I think I can call this quest solved/over. For the past several weeks I’ve used different types of potatoes (Russets, Whites, Yukons, etc) and they’ve turned out perfect every time. The secret was washing that starch off after shredding – it was never […]

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Hash Browns: Ever Closer

I think I’ve solved my texture issue with hash browns. While watching an America’s Test Kitchen episode on mashed potatoes, the cooking technique called for rinsing the sliced potato pieces in water before boiling. Washing the slices removed  the surface starch which would cause gumminess in the mashed potatoes. WHAM! Gumminess is exactly what I […]

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Hash Browns: Bacon Fat & Preheating

My current culinary quest is hash browns. I’ve tried several recipes and none seem to capture the texture I’m looking for: Crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Eventually I’d like to be able to incorporate some onions and seasoning into the equation, but for now I’m working on texture. Most recipes call for shredding peeled potatoes on a box […]

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