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Lucy’s Last Fire

The call was made, the decision reached. Lucy’s health took a turn that wasn’t sustainable. We all didn’t want to remember Lucy that way and I’m quite sure Lucy didn’t enjoy the state she was in. As a family we made the decision to have Lucy put to sleep on June 9th 2010. There was […]

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Lucy’s Short Time

I called the vet this AM about putting Lucy down. Lucy’s diabetes has really emaciated her, she’s weak, eats in spurts and while she hasn’t totally lost control of her bodily functions it’s apparent that she can’t wait much beyond feeling the urge. When we last chatted with vet she said we would know when it was time. […]

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Lucy’s Star

It’s hard for me to believe that the little Boston Terrier pup with the “white star” behind her head that I held in my hand is now old, gray and running out of time. She’s been a great dog – everything we could have asked for and more. She was great with the kids while […]

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